Site Location Tools for Businesses and Development Agencies

EcoDevelopment helps businesses and locations research, invest, and grow.

For companies, we offer products and services that assist in the site selection process, taking the burden off of internal resources without requiring expensive consultants. For cities, counties, MSA’s, and states, our tools help improve investment and expansion recruitment by leveraging local strengths to effectively target industries.

EcoDevelopment employs proprietary databases and processes to group existing industries at multiple geographic levels based on similar characteristics. We refer to this unique system as the Location Quadrant™. Think of it as the economic location quotient evolved – a whole new level of analysis. The Location Quadrant system is the cornerstone of our unique site selection and comparative analysis methodology.

About EcoDevelopment

EcoDevelopment was established in 2007 to bring a new paradigm to the site selection industry. Our innovative process, exceptional products, and breadth of services offer our clients cost-effective solutions for their siting and competitive analysis needs.

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